Solar Powered Portable Reading Devices

By Holy Solar

Solar-Powered Digital ReaderWhen Gutenberg first built his printing press, he probably wasn’t the least bit concerned with the environmental impact.

And for the first 500 years or so that his seminal invention helped reproduce the philosophies, theories, and conclusions of the finest minds in Western and Eastern cultures, it wasn’t much of an issue. Woodlands were abundant, print runs relatively short, and storing the sum of human knowledge certainly ranked in importance above a few trees.

The 20th century brought unprecedented publication and distribution of the written word. While the human population sextupled, the store of human literature grew explosively. Not only were more books composed, but larger audiences were reading them, and the print run for bestsellers frequently exceeded 10 million.

All of this means a whole lot of timber sacrificed to the cause of human escape and edification. The irony of reading pro-ecology literature printed at the expense of a small grove has penetrated to the core of the green movement, torn between love of knowledge and responsibility to the planet.

Fortunately, the Green Tech revolution has brought about the worlds first hand-held tree-free reading experience. Electronic books convey the same information as bound editions, without the printing costs to the publisher…or the planet.

But many readers, accustomed to holding a book-shaped object while perusing their favorite genre of word candy, have resisted the transition to a purely digital library. The traditional lounging posture of the recreational reader is not compatible with PC’s., which revolutionized the way people buy books by making available online virtually the whole body of classic and current literature, has taken the next step to bring the world a portable reader that mimics the hardback experience without felling a single tree.

By combining the new Kindle: Amazon’s Wireless Reading Device or Sony’s Digital Book reader with a solar charger such as the Solio 1000 or the solar backpack from Reluminati, bibliophiles in the twenty-first century can learn about the miraculous world in which we live, without having to worry that by so doing we are helping to destroy the environment of that very world.

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