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By Holy Solar

Carbon Neutral Sweepstakes Spreading Awareness of Offset Credits

Celebrate Earth Day All Year with Carbon Offset creditsThe problem with alternative energy is that it’s, well, alternative. Clean, renewable energy may be the only hope for a green future, but it remains a minority source and inaccessible to the largest number of consumers. As a result, the dominant energy paradigm-burning things and never mind emissions-is still powering most of our homes and businesses.

Solar power is really nice for homeowners in moderately sunny climates, but the residents of urban highrises haven’t the option to go grid-free. Similarly, the nature of many businesses is such that wind or photovoltaic power is not practical on the small area available, in line with leases, or inexpensive enough to justify the conversion.

For the rest of us-those without the space or funds to install solar modules or windmills, not to mention a battery array-there is a simple solution which allows everyone to participate in the green revolution.

Through the medium of carbon offset credits, any business, residential consumer, or website can help support the retiring of emissions allowances, and thereby promote nonpolluting energy sources, such as wind and solar.

Our host already purchases green energy credits, but we saw this program, and decided to sign up for two reasons. First of all, it only costs a dollar to offset a website, and while our host is already taken care of, we have to think about ISP’s and vistors-these use energy, too.

The second reason we got on board is the Carbon Neutral Green Sweepstakes from 4Offsets. With a goal to offset one million websites by Earth Day of next year, this green energy vendor is offering a staggering $100,000 grand prize to one of their offset customers. If we win, we’ll be building our own solar power plant in Southern Arizona…what’s your dream?

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