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Holy Solar is a production of Air Lift Underground, an independent, living-theater experiment in exploring the outer realms of consciousness. We are dedicated to putting progressive philosophies together with the future pioneers who will make planetary transformation a reality.

Running on BiodieselWe’re a team operating from a magical bus powered by alternative energy and the spirit inherited from our countercultural forebears, who worked and played in past decades and centuries to ensure that the future would be safe for alternate viewpoints and growing toward the next stage in evolution.

Our values demanded that we combine the work we do with our activism. Privilege confers responsibility, and living at the epicenter of the ecological nightmare provides us with a lifestyle fraught with both blessings and conflict.

Having focused primarily on psychoactive stream-of-consciousness and electro-plated word jazz, we have expanded our focus toward the issue that demands our most immediate attention. After a careful searching of the soul, we felt that sustainable energy represents an area where information alone has the potential to remedy a number of contemporary crises of the conscience.

Rather than wallow in guilt over the ways we contribute to the very evils we oppose, we have decided to find our part to play in advocating a better way of life for us all. Firmly convinced that civilization can have its power and renew it, too, we ordered this eco-powered domain and made plans to help reflect the Sun’s light across the globe.

Solar power, wind and biofuels are exciting. Considering the cost of fossil fuels and other toxic sources, the simplicity of harvesting power from nature is a compelling option that we feel deserves the concerted commitment of our entire species.

Our Mission Possible is to promote discussion, awareness, and innovation about green energy in our own style, in hopes that by stressing the importance of developing a technology in harmony with the Earth, children of the future will study about pollution, oil imperialism, and economic injustice in History class rather than Current Events.

We invite you to join us in helping this dream come true.

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