Fuel Cell Technology Gaining Global Acceptance


Fuel cell technology has garnered great support and interest around the world in the past decade because of its large market potential, positive impact on air quality and radically different nature than currently available power sources. It also has the potential to strengthen national energy security by reducing dependence on imported petroleum. Moreover, government initiatives across the globe to popularize the usage of fuel cells are backed up by many social programs which help in mass propagation of the fuel cell technology.

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According to a new research report “Fuel Cell Industry Analysis”, the global cumulative shipments of fuel cells will grow at a CAGR of over 75% during 2010-2012 on a wide adoption of technology in various applications. The report has identified the application areas of fuel cell technology and gives insight into rapidly growing trend to enable clients understand the prospects and growth dynamics of the fuel cell industry.

We have broadly categorized the applications of fuel cells into portable, transportation and stationary purposes, identifying the applications which – are and will – drive growth in the fuel cells market worldwide over the next few years. In addition, the report has comprehensively discussed country-level developments in the fuel cell market, which include government initiatives, investments in the market and budget allocated for research and developments (R&D). The country level analysis will help clients to figure out the emerging countries in this field, which will see rapid commercialization of the technology in near future.

“Fuel Cell Industry Analysis” provides extensive research, in-depth and unbiased analysis, reliable statistics and comparable figures of the global fuel cell market together with information about the current and future market trends. Besides, the factors which are fueling growth in the global fuel cell market have been thoroughly discussed in the report, with an intention of giving a clear picture of the industry. We have also laid great emphasis on the identification of problematic areas that may hamper growth prospects of the fuel cell industry.

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About RNCOS: RNCOS, incorporated in the year 2002, is an industry research firm. We are a team of industry experts who analyze data collected from credible sources. We provide industry insights and analysis that helps corporations to take timely and accurate business decision in today’s globally competitive environment.

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