Calculate & Offset Your Carbon Emissions Footprint

We often take the delicate balance of nature for granted. The temperatures rise and fall with the seasons, the day lengthens and shortens reliably and predictably. Traveling away from the equator brings cooler temperatures, while elevation above sea level has a similar effect.

Our planet is uniquely situated to house vast stores of water in all three states: as a liquid, solid and gas. The Earth’s size and distance from the Sun are ideal in terms of this quality, which allows life as we know it to flourish as it could no where else in the Solar system. A change of just a few degrees would make our home uninhabitable to beings like us which are 90% water.

However, according to the latest measurements and predictions by the world’s most prominent scientists, this delicate balance is being upset by changes in the composition of the atmosphere.

A great deal of attention is being paid to the rapid and exponential increase in the content of “greenhouse gases,” particularly carbon compounds, which are produced as a side effect of human industrial processes and destruction of indigenous forests. The most immediate impact of this problem can be observed in the melting of the polar ice caps, which are receding at an alarming rate, raising sea levels and threatening the world’s coastal populations.

No matter how we may try to conserve, we all contribute to the problem, whenever we use energy produced by fossil fuels. On the other hand, alternatives such as solar and wind power contain the possibility of clean, sustainable power which does not alter the critical balance of the atmosphere.

The best place to start when considering carbon emission reduction is to determine your personal footprint. Use the widget below to estimate your household’s contribution to global warming, and then you can better consider what changes you can make to help save the environment-whether that means installing solar or wind power at your home or business, switching to alternative fuels, or purchasing Planet Sharesicon to ensure that your footprint is being rapidly followed by the soft steps of change.

Did you know that the average green house gas emission reduction from each home that switches to solar power is approximately equal to taking 25 cars off the road- the same as the absorption capacity of 400 trees.

The first step to reducing your impact on the environment is to quantify it. Calculate your personal carbon footprint below:

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