An Open Letter To Oil Executives and Shareholders:

By Holy Solar

We, citizens of the Earth, write to you today to plead for our planet. We write to implore you to consider the grave ecological crisis for which your enterprise has rightly been blamed. But we also invite you to become part of the solution, and in the process redeem some of the damage done by releasing ancient greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

This is a collective problem of planetary proportions. All of us are, to varying degrees, participating in perpetuating this crisis. Technology requires energy, and, to date, the energy source most widely used has been manufactured from fossil fuels.

We have been your customers, directly and indirectly, with few practical alternatives. Even if we decide to avoid using motor vehicles personally, the food supply and transport of other goods are driven by diesel fuel. A small number of individuals refraining from transportation will not address this critical infrastructure issue.

We are all in this together. There is but one atmosphere for us to share. We therefore need sweeping systemic change, and now is not too soon. In all reality, it may be too late.

We understand the appeal of these fuels from a supply perspective. Yet we live in a moment where the use of these fuels is the primary cause of the global climate crisis, a runaway train of coal and oil and other non-renewable sources of easy energy.

It is not enough to simply use less of these fuels, though any reduction at all would be a start. Humanity must stop using them entirely, if there is to be any hope of future generations enjoying a verdant Earth. So change must begin immediately.

A number of renewable energy options have recently become available. Alternatives to diesel fuel have cautiously made it to market, including waste vegetable-oil derived biodiesel, and the newer renewable diesel made from agricultural biomass, which is now offered in certain areas at mainstream fueling stations.

There exist several promising unexplored options for sourcing bio-fuel, including wastewater sludge, algae production, or biomass production. We urge you to research and scale these alternatives with all due haste, sparing no expense, with an immediate goal of rapidly replacing all diesel fuels with more ecologically-friendly, renewable alternatives.

This very minute would not be soon enough for the planet. Obviously, the economics currently favor the old petroleum model, or your companies would be making this change already. We see biodiesel slowly entering the marketplace, in concentrations of 5-20%. This is a start, but not nearly enough.

The new renewable diesel allows, for the first time, a complete replacement of fossil fuels on which transport supply lines have depended. If the stores of biofuel were sufficient, this replacement could be implemented immediately.

And this is where you have an opportunity to become a part of the solution. If you have made your wealth in fossil fuels, please invest in renewable energy. If you make policy for your company, or have a say in doing so, spearhead an initiative to take the lead in this area.

The technology exists. Renewable diesel is a current reality, but the scale of production is incapable of filling the desperate need for our species to radically reduce carbon emissions.

These fuels are not a panacea. Refinements in production are necessary, and more research in order to scale up without more carbon debt being incurred in the process. However, there is a an enormous quantity of public good will available for the oil interests who choose to land on the right side of history in this moment. Whichever companies take the lead in providing renewable fuels to all locations will earn, not only vast profits, but some measure of trust.

Fossil fuels have moved technology forward, but at a devastating cost. Pollution, poverty, and a planet at war are part of the price as well. Biofuels could make an excellent stopgap to the flood of carbon emissions, perhaps even reversing the process.

We urge you to consider, as a human being in a position to make a change, if this is the time for you to make a substantial one. Become a leader in alternative energy, and get a step ahead of the future.

Thank you for your time and deep consideration,
Citizens of Earth For Greener Energy

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